Child's Play Theme Lands Online Featuring Mark Hamill's Creepy Chucky Singing

Orion has released Bear McCreary's theme for the upcoming Child's Play reboot, complete with creepy vocals from star Mark Hamill in character as Chucky. The “Buddi Song” will play out over the film’s end credits, and you can get a first listen above. It is kind of the ultimate take on that horror movie trope of creepy children singing, since Chucky is kind of the ultimate expression of a creepy horror kid in a lot of ways. You don't have to wait for the movie to come out to listen to this creepy little ditty on repeat, either; the Child's Play original motion picture soundtrack is available today. To add to the creepy vibe of the whole thing, the "Buddi Song" was scored using toy instruments.

“My idea from the beginning was not to score this film using a traditional orchestra, but in fact to score it with a toy orchestra,” McCreary told Consequence of Sound. “This ultimately involved stealing toys from my daughter’s play room and adding bizarre, handheld instruments such as toy pianos, hurdy gurdies, accordions, action figures, Slinkies, slide whistles, Otamatones, melodicas, harmonicas, kazoos, to create an orchestra of sounds. When I pitched the idea to Lars, he loved it, the studio loved it, and I started working. The result is, I think, the most personal score I’ve ever created because 95% of the sounds you’re hearing are me performing on an instrument or singing. I added a string quintet, one ukulele performer, and a session with a choir in Prague, but all the rest I performed myself.”

A vocal performance as Chucky has to be a little nerve-wracking for Hamill, as the legendary actor recently revealed that he felt intimidated stepping into the tiny plastic shoes of longtime Chucky performer Brad Dourif, who played the role from 1988 until...well, it's technically not done yet since Dourif is reportedly still voicing Chucky for a planned TV series.

“When I agreed to it, and it sunk in that they wanted me to do this, I felt intimidation like I hadn't felt since I did the Joker,” Hamill recently said, adding that a major part of that intimidation came from the actor's admiration for Dourif and what he did with the role. “I didn't feel that kind of intimidation until it sunk in that I was doing this,” Hamill explained. “I love Brad. It's a great responsibility, so I’m anxious to see how people react because it's not the Chucky that we all know from before.”

While the narrative of the original franchise explored the spirit of a murderer continuing his reign of terror in the body of a child's doll, the new film tweaks its approach, instead exploring a doll whose artificial intelligence malfunctions to a deadly degree.


“I got a letter from [director] Lars [Klevberg],” the actor clarified. “He already laid out his vision for the film, before I read it. And then they sent me this script and I thought the crucial element that was different from the original, which I love -- I'm a huge fan of Brad's interpretation -- Chucky has a different origin. So it's not the soul of a serial killer, but someone deliberately goes in and alters his operating system and takes off the safety measures.”

The new Child's Play lands in theaters on June 21st.