New Midsommar Trailer Invites You to Dance and Drink With a Cult

One of the biggest horror movies of 2018 was Hereditary from writer/director Ari Aster, an exhausting and dreadful affair about a family coping with devastating losses. The disturbing subject matter and supernatural themes resulted in a dark film, both thematically and visually. Aster's follow-up film, Midsommar, explores a group of friends who travel to Sweden to participate in an ancient festival, instead offering audiences a much brighter experience. As evidenced by the new promo, the film will offer its fair share of lighthearted fun, which will surely make the horror elements feel even creepier. Check out the promo above before the film hits theaters on July 3rd.

Midsommar follows a teenage guy (Jack Reynor) who wants to break up with his girlfriend (Florence Pugh), however, holds off after a personal tragedy. This emotional build-up happens to be occurring as both are headed to a crazy nine-day festival, which only happens every 90 years, a Swedish-puritan type celebration of love and glee — with some horrific results.

In addition to Reynor and Pugh, Midsommar stars Will Poulter, Vilhem Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Ellora Torchia, and Archie Madekwe.

As evidenced by the new promo, the upcoming film is sure to offer audiences a unique horror experience, if only for the fact that much of the film takes place in the daylight. Aster previously teased that Midsommar is sure to offer audiences a singular experience.

“The film is definitely mining the same vein as Wicker Man was working, but as a piece of folk-horror, it’s pretty irreverent in that it doesn’t really stay comfortably on that route," Aster shared with Entertainment Weekly. "That’s why I’m making sure to describe it as a fairytale. It’s not a million miles away from something like Alice in Wonderland. It’s a psychedelic film. But there are no solid [comparisons] that I can hand you. I’m hoping that the film feels pretty singular and is a trip.”

The mysterious marketing for the film has left audiences with a lot of questions, though Aster offered hints of what to expect of the narrative.

"We’re drawing a lot from folklore," the director admitted to Fandango. "And we're drawing from Swedish tradition. And we're drawing from tall tales. I was drawing a lot of inspiration from different anthropological studies. Not all of them were tied specifically to Sweden, but many were broadly European. Then there's a lot of invention happening, as well. It's a melange."

He added, "All the runic stuff is pulling from runic alphabet, but then we also created something of a language for these people, and then there's a lot of symbolism that we created alongside the found symbolism. Then there is a lot of art that we kind of brought in ourselves that we made."


Midsommar lands in theaters on Jul 3rd.

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