Aliens Social Media Accounts Mix Up Bill Paxton With Co-Star

This past weekend marked what would have been Aliens star Bill Paxton's 65th birthday, resulting in a number of his fans celebrating his various accomplishments on social media, though there was a bit of a mix-up over on the Alien Anthology franchise account, as it paid tribute to Paxton while sharing a photo of Michael Biehn. The account has since deleted the tweet and, potentially with the incorrect name being attached to an official graphic and being posted on the weekend, didn't post an updated tribute. Despite the faux pas, the account's original message did include an interesting anecdote about Paxton's time on the film.

"Today we honor Bill Paxton on what would have been his 65th birthday," the post read. "In Aliens, director James Cameron told the Marines to personalize their costumes. Paxton chose to have 'Louise' written on his armor, in honor of his real-life wife."

The photo accompanying the post can be seen below.

aliens michael biehn bill paxton
(Photo: Twitter, AlienAnthology)

Paxton played Hudson in the Alien sequel, a member of the Colonial Marines tasked with eradicating the xenomorphs on planet LV-426. In addition to being the target of Bishop the android's game of precisely stabbing a sharp knife in between each finger, Hudson is known for delivering the iconic "Game over, man! Game over!" line in the film.

Biehn played Hicks in the film, who served as a leader of the Marines and developed a romantic relationship with Sigourney Weaver's Ripley. Hudson fell victim to the deadly aliens, though Hicks survived to the end of the film, despite suffering injuries. Sadly, the opening scenes of Alien 3 confirmed that Hicks had died on the ship in the time since we had last seen him.

The Alien franchise has seen sequels, crossovers with the Predator series, and prequel films, with the last entry in the series being 2017's Alien: Covenant. Despite the popularity of the franchise, Biehn himself admits he hasn't seen any entries in the series since the one he starred in.

"I've never seen anything past Aliens," Biehn shared with The Hollywood Reporter last year. "I've never seen Aliens 3, 4, 5. I didn't watch Covenant. I have no interest in anything like that. Any movie I'm close to or movies I wanted that I didn't get, I just don't watch them. There's no reason to put myself through the pain of 'I could have done so much better than that.'"


Now that Disney owns the rights to the Alien series, it's unknown what its future will be.

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