American Horror Story: 1984: Terror Comes to Lover's Lane in New Teaser

When it comes to Camp Redwood nothing is safe from the mysterious killer, Mr. Jingles, and that includes a bit of make out time while parked at the camp's version of Lover's Lane. FX has released a new teaser from American Horror Story: 1984 and, well, young love (or lust) is about to be over.

As you can see in the video above, the "Parked" teaser shows a pair of young lovers prepared to finally act on their desires for one another utterly unaware that the homicidal Mr. Jingles is waiting in the backseat to slaughter them. The teaser is just the latest in the series of teasers showing various traditional summer camp experiences gone horribly awry thanks to the killer on the loose complete with the upcoming season's distinctive '80s slasher vibe.

Thus far, each teaser and poster we've seen for American Horror Story: 1984 has been channeling classic horror films, like Friday the 13th and Halloween and that's by design. The upcoming season is set in the titular year and according to series executive producer Tim Minear, this season is going to be a treat for fans of that particular horror genre.

"I will tell you nothing, except that I think it's awesome," executive producer Tim Minear said back in May. "I think it's gonna be really scary but a lot of fun, like it always is. And that if you have a taste for '80s horror, you're in for a treat."

Fans can get a taste of that '80s treat in the full trailer for the season that series creator Ryan Murphy first shared on his Instagram account last month. In that trailer, American Horror Story veterans Emma Roberts, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern, John Carroll Lynch, and Billie Lourd are joined by newcomers Matthew Morrison, Angelica Ross, DeRon Horton, all of them decked out in fantastic '80s fashion. Notably absent though are Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters who are not slated to appear.


"Remember, [Ryan Murphy] did something really interesting, which is he decided to weave multiple different cycles through the eight seasons, and so it was the biggest cast ever," FX Productions CEO John Landgraf explained last month. "You had actors that were playing 2-3 different characters. You had to bring back all the cast from prior seasons. It was a monster in terms of the size of the cast, cost of that cast. You can't do that all the time... Part of what he needed to do, which is what he did, was clean the slate, start over."

American Horror Story returns for its new season on September 18th.