American Horror Story Creator Confirms a "Recount" for Fan-Requested Storylines

Earlier this month, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy took to social media to ask fans about the storylines they'd most like to see in the future of the franchise, with the filmmaker changing his selections for the two finalist storylines, claiming that fans demanded it. Just last week, Murphy revealed that "Bloody Mary" and "Plague" were the topics that earned the most reactions online, only to instead substitute Plague with "Sirens." Likely due at least in some part to the coronavirus pandemic, audiences might be less interested in seeing a storyline revolving around a deadly disease, with fans still largely in the dark about how Murphy will explore the winning storyline.

"Because you demanded it - The Recount!" Murphy shared on Twitter. "The [American Horror Story] universe is expanding..."

The filmmaker also made sure to include the hashtags for each storyline, presumably tallying which earns the most engagement as a metric for which storyline fans are most interested in.

In Greek mythology, sirens were majestic creatures who would lure sailors to their demise with their beautiful songs, only for them to then crash their ships among rocky shores. In the horror genre, fans have seen a number of storylines explore deadly viruses and infections, but we haven't seen stories of sirens as often, likely inspiring a resurgence in votes for that storyline in recent weeks.

Season 10 of American Horror Story is set to debut later this year and the spinoff series American Horror Stories is also in the works, with Murphy's tease that the franchise "expanding" likely confirming that these requested storylines won't be featured in the main series. Whether this means the winning storyline will be featured in the spinoff series or possibly another unannounced project is yet to be revealed.

Last November, Murphy teased what to expect in the upcoming American Horror Stories spinoff, which will be an anthology series as opposed to exploring one narrative over an entire season.

"It's the AHS spinoff," Murphy explained on Twitter. "We are doing 16 one-hour standalone episodes delving into horror myths, legends, and lore...many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love. More to follow..."

It's also possible that the story Murphy teased that earns the most engagement will debut before all others and that fans can expect to see all of the subjects featured in the future.


Stay tuned for details on the future of the American Horror Story franchise.

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