American Horror Story Creator Reveals Finalists for Fan-Requested Storylines

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed the final two stories that fans can vote on to become the next big narrative in the franchise. Murphy previously teased "The AMERICAN HORROR STORY universe is expanding" and offered fans of the series six stoires that would be explored in some way and the final two are here including: Bloody Mary and The Plague. Fans eager to see one story over the other should take to Twitter and use the hashtags for #AHSBLOODYMARY or #AHSPLAGUE to case your vote. It's unclear how the winner of this fan vote will end up being incorporated into the franchise.

The original six choices that Murphy presented to fans were: Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and the Plague. Some AHS fans cried foul when Murphy revealed the final two, claiming that many had been pushing for "Sirens" and that "Bloody Mary" wasn't a top choice. Assuming that the total number of tweets with the hashtag are being counted that could be true as a cursory look on of the four hashtags reveals that #AHSSIRENS had a larger reach than #AHSBLOODYMARY.

It's possible that whichever story "wins" the fan vote could become part of the upcoming tenth season of the mainline American Horror Story series. Earlier this year it was revealed that the next batch of episodes will be titled "Double Feature" and will be two separate stories. Further details have not yet been revealed, such as if one story will air in a block of episodes before the other or if they'll be intermingled together, but some cryptic clues have been revealed by Murphy and company.

Murphy said that the new season would be akin to "TWO SEASONS" albeit airing in one calendar year, adding: "So double the viewing pleasure. One set by the sea (this cast already announced). A second by the sand (that cast announcement coming)."

To that end, the "expansion" of the AHS franchise is already confirmed to include three additional seasons of the flagship series as well as an anthology spin-off titled American Horror Stories, currently in the works for FX on Hulu.


Season 10 of American Horror Story will see the returns of longtime stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates, with this new story also featuring Macaulay Culkin, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock.