How Annabelle Comes Home Connects to Previous Conjuring Universe Movies

Annabelle Comes Home isn't just the title of Annabelle 3 - it's a description of how this [...]

Annabelle Comes Home isn't just the title of Annabelle 3 - it's a description of how this threequel is actually the culmination of everything we've seen in the Conjuring franchise so far. With that ambitious goal in mind, a lot of fans may be wondering how Annabelle Comes Home connects to the previous Conjuring Universe films.

Here's the fully breakdown of how Annabelle Comes Home connects or makes reference to the other Conjuring franchise films - including the previous two installments of Annabelle.

We'll take it by breaking down each branch of The Conjuring franchise (WARNING - MILD SPOILERS) follow:

The Conjuring

Annabelle Comes Home connects back to the original two Conjuring movies in a big way - as you might've guessed from the title. Annabelle 3 actually starts by taking us back to the events of the original Conjuring's opening sequence, for a nice little interquel moment. We see what happened when Ed and Lorraine Warren first took possession of the Annabelle doll from a girl named Debbie, just before the demon using the doll could possess the young girl's body. On the way home, Ed and Lorraine are attacked by Annabelle, when the doll stalls their cars in front a graveyard. Ed is nearly run down in the road while trying to fix the car, while Lorraine finds a large congregation of ghosts being drawn to the doll from a nearby graveyard.

The Warrens quickly realize that Annabelle isn't like their usual cases of possessed artifacts, the doll is a larger beacon of evil, that must be locked away. That leads to the reveal of how the Warrens used re-purposed church windows to first construct Annabelle's case, and keep the doll sufficiently sealed away. Making a cameo to bless Annabelle's prison is Father Gordon (Steve Coulter) the Warrens' primary priest contact, who appeared in both Conjuring films.

The Conjuring 2 gets referenced through the already-established beef between Annabelle and the Warrens daughter, Judy. In a pivotal scene of the first Conjuring, Annabelle (used by the demon Bathsheba) attacks Judy in the Warrens' home; in the Conjuring 2, a similar scene in the Warrens' home reveals that Judy has mystical medium powers like her mother. All of these come back into play in Annabelle Comes Home, as Judy is forced to wage battle against the doll and the evil spirits it brings, with clear visual odes to her previous encounters from the Conjuring films.


The only real tie to the first Annabelle movie that we get in Annabelle 3 is the re-appearance of the demon from the first film, which has been using the Annabelle doll as a conduit. That's okay, though, as most Conjuring Universe fans prefer to forget the first Annabelle anyway.

Annabelle Comes Home makes a similar callback reference to Annabelle: Creation, by way of having actress Samara Lee reprise her roll as the original young Annabelle "Bee" Mullins, the girl who owned the doll up until her untimely death in a traffic accident. When the demon first infiltrated the doll, it tricked Samuel and Esther Mullins by first appearing as a ghostly version of young Annabelle, who eventually revealed her true demonic nature. The demon once again takes that form in Annabelle Comes Home, playing a trick on Judy Warren's babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman), by ringing the front doorbell and asking if "Annabelle can come out and play." Later on, Judy Warren sees the demon appear in her bedroom, where the creatures silhouette takes on all of Annabelle's various forms: doll, demon, the grown up Annabelle, and of course young Bee. Unlike everyone else, though, Judy isn't fooled.

The Nun / Curse of La Llorona

The two Conjuring spinoff franchises don't connect back to Annabelle Comes Home in any way. To be fair though, The Nun made a cameo in Annabelle: Creation and had her solo film launched in that movie's post-credits scene; The Curse of La Llorona made a connection to the original Annabelle movie through the character of Father Perez, who was brought in to face both the evil doll and the weeping woman. No need for The Conjuring Universe to repeat those crossovers.

Annabelle Comes Home is now in theaters.