'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Reveals Ash's Middle Name

Dating back to the original 1981 film, audiences have had many questions about the Evil Dead franchise, with the films and TV series offering only a handful of answers. During a recent episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, audiences have finally learned what the "J" in "Ash J. Williams" stands for: Joanna.

This week's episode involved Ash (Bruce Campbell) interacting with the spirit of his father, which led to the revelation regarding Ash's name. Ash's father revealed that he gave his son the female middle name in hopes of toughening him up, much like the Johnny Cash song "Boy Named Sue."

With this season of the Starz series potentially being the final adventures of Campbell portraying Ash, we can expect plenty more exciting reveals. The actor even teased that we would discover why he has been at the center of all of these horrific beings terrorizing humanity.

When speaking with Dread Central, Campbell hinted, "Things won't all be well, because the mythology's going to kick in now, which will give us all an idea of why Ash was chosen – this average idiot…this fool was written of in an ancient book."

He added, "So Season 3 is where it all will come to a head – the ultimate mettle of the average man will be tested by these demonic forces, and if man fails, then evil will rule the earth – those are the stakes…OH!, and he may be a father."

The original film featured Ash and his cohorts unearthing the Necronomicon and awakening an evil within the forest, seemingly by chance. With Army of Darkness, audiences learned that Ash was the "Chosen One" that was prophesized to fight hordes of the undead.

If all of the mysteries surrounding Ash don't get answered in this third season, it's possible we'll never find the answers. Campbell recently implied that, if Ash vs. Evil Dead isn't renewed, he'd retire from the role.

"No, no, no. Because if they cancel it, I think Ash is done," Campbell revealed at the Irish Film Institute when asked if he'd star in another Evil Dead film. "I have lavender on my property. I'm going to smoke weed and hang out."

Ash vs. Evil Dead airs on Starz on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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