UPDATE: Stephen King's Chapelwaite Season 2 in Development for EPIX

UPDATE: EPIX has since confirmed that Chaplewaite is officially in development, though it has not officially been greenlit for a Season 2. Original story continues below.

The world of Stephen King expanded in exciting and unsettling ways last year, thanks to EPIX's adaptation of his short story "Jerusalem's Lot" into the TV series Chapelwaite, but rather than being an isolated adventure, the network has confirmed that a second season of the series is on the way. While the network has yet to reveal when the second season could be premiering, or even when it might be heading into production, audiences will surely be excited to know that the vampiric narrative is far from over. Stay tuned for details on Season 2 of Chapelwaite.

EPIX confirmed, "Based on Stephen King's short story 'Jerusalem's Lot,' Chaplewaite Season 2 continues as a terrifying re-imagining of classic gothic horror that chronicles one family's battle with an ancient and persistent evil. We will learn that the Boone curse didn't die with Jakub, and despite Charles's selfless act at the end of season one, De Vermis Mysteriis remains as powerful as ever, and as alluring to a new generation of vampires. The series is executive produced by Donald De Line (Ready Player One, Wayward Pines), Jason Filardi, and Peter Filardi. Season 1 starred Adrien Brody as Charles Boone, and Emily Hampshire. Chaplewaite is produced by EPIX Studios."

Returning cast and crew for the upcoming season haven't been revealed, but Hampshire herself detailed her excitement for the project, while also noting the original intention was to just be a limited series.

"There's been talk of people wanting one. It was always intended to be a limited series," the actor shared with ComicBook.com last year. "But I think it, in a good way, did really well for the network, for EPIX, and people seem to really love it. So there actually has been talks about that now, and I know this because there's a painting in the show that I wanted, and I said, 'When the show's over can I have it?' And then I was following up on that and they were like, 'Let's just be sure we're not going for another season. We'll get back to you.'" 

She added, "And I'm into it. I love those people. I love, the Filardi Brothers who wrote it were so fun. And vampires."

Stay tuned for details on Season 2 of Chapelwaite.

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