First 'Child's Play' Remake Poster Released

The Child's Play franchise is getting a major two-pronged revival: the original creators are hard at work converting the Chucky direct-to-video series into a new Child's Play TV show that will continue where Cult of Chucky left off; meanwhile, a new era of Child's Play will begin with the upcoming remake film, from director Lars Klevberg (Polaroid).

Now we have the first Child's Play remake poster to share - and like a good teaser, it uses the weight of the franchise's legacy to create a truly creepy and ominous first one-sheet:

Child's Play Movie Poster (2019)

The poster is a great mix of vintage and new, with letter fonts on the title and release date (and even the "Orion" studio label) invoking the feel of classic 1980s slasher-horror films, such as the original Child's Play (1988). The image of a box from the now-iconic Buddi Doll line hints at the deadly creature lurking inside that box using a nice juxtaposition of the happy-looking packing, and the dark, ominous warehouse in which it is stored. The shadowy window of the box is empty, suggesting that whatever was inside may no longer in fact be there. If there is one improvement we would make, it would've been some kind of more sinister indicator of the death and violence in the film - like maybe a doll-sized bloody handprint on one of the boxes, or something.

We recently got a teasing look at the new version of Chucky that will debut in this Child Play (2019) remake, and fans have (so far) cautiously optimistic about what they're seeing. Lars Klevberg is still an emerging talent in the horror genre - though like some other recent horror talents (IT's Andy Muschietti, or Haunting of Hill House's Mike Flanagan) Klevberg gained noticed for putting together an impressive horror short (Polaroid in 2015) that becomes a full-length feature (a full-length Polaroid will arrive in 2019 as well). Those other guys all were successful and are now helming some major works in the horror genre and beyond - if Klevberg is worthy of the trust studios are clearly putting into him, there's even more reason to get excited for this new Child's Play.

The best part is the release date: Child's Play will now battle Toy Story 4 at the box office, on June 21, 2019.