First Image From Creepshow Series Emerges

Directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, 1982's Creepshow honored EC Comics from the [...]

Directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, 1982's Creepshow honored EC Comics from the '50s to deliver audiences a series of vignettes depicting all manner of horrors, from vengeful spirits to terrifying monsters. The campy nature of the film connected strongly with audiences, as the stories felt both fresh and familiar at the same time. Debuting on the streaming platform Shudder later this year, The Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero developed an adaptation of the film which embodies its spirit while offering a contemporary feel. Entertainment Weekly debuted the first look photo from the upcoming series.

creepshow tv series tricia helfer
(Photo: Shudder/Entertainment Weekly)

"Tricia [Helfer] stars in an episode called 'Lydia Lane's Better Half,' based on a story that I wrote," Nicotero revealed to the outlet. "It's a take on an old Mario Bava movie. I always loved Tricia. She plays a strong female executive who finds herself in this untenable supernatural situation that she can't control."

The segment was directed by Roxanne Benjamin, who previously directed Body at Brighton Rock and a segment of the anthology XX.

"Extending the umbrella to younger up-and-coming filmmakers was very important to me," Nicotero pointed out. "I didn't want it to appear that I was turning my back on the new generation of filmmakers, and Roxanne did a great job. Getting David Bruckner (The Ritual), and Roxanne Benjamin, and Rob Schrab (The Sarah Silverman Program) in to direct episodes — I was really fortunate that these guys wanted to come onboard."

The new series not only brings in burgeoning talent, but also Creepshow alumni. John Harrison, who composed the original film's score, and Tom Savini, who did the film's special effects makeup, both serve as directors of the new series.

"They're all my friends," Nicotero pointed out. "When you're presented with an opportunity like this, number one, you want to pay tribute to what they have contributed to the industry, but also you always dream about working with your friends. That's sort of the Mount Olympus of being a filmmaker, is to surround yourself with your friends, and create these great tales together. So, it seemed like a no-brainer to have John Harrison be a part of the show as a writer and director, and Tom Savini, and Adrienne. I even hired Rick Catizone, who was the same animator who did the animation for the original Creepshow, because it so inspired me at that time. I felt it lends a very special authenticity to the project that is important to me."

Stay tuned for details on the Creepshow TV series.

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