Destination Fear: Trail to Terror to Debut on Discovery+

Before it earned multiple seasons of adventures on the Travel Channel, Destination Fear started off with one documentary project, Destination Fear: Trail to Terror. Made back in 2015, a group of friends embarked on a fateful road trip in hopes of capturing evidence of paranormal activity, with the concept of not only investigating a location, but also spending the night in unsettling locations was born, igniting a passion among these friends for all things unearthly. For the first time ever on an entertainment platform, fans can see the humble beginnings of the beloved investigators when Destination Fear: Trail to Terror debuts exclusively on discovery+ on February 24th.

Per press release, "At long last, Destination Fear fans get the chance to witness the beginning and experience the maiden road trip that kickstarted an insatiable fear-seeking mission in Destination Fear: Trail to Terror, a two-hour documentary directed and hosted by Dakota Laden, coming exclusively to discovery+ on Thursday, February 24th. As the genesis for the hit TV series Destination Fear, the much-anticipated film -- shot in 2015 and debuting for the first time on any entertainment platform -- documents Dakota's inaugural experiment with fear, resulting in a harrowing and unforgettable experience that would change their lives forever.

"In Trail to Terror, Dakota Laden takes his sister, Chelsea Laden, and best friends, Tanner Wiseman, and Coalin Smith, on a nail-biting journey to test their limits of fear. His goal: to capture real fear on camera by confronting it head-on. Challenging the group to the max, Dakota does not tell anyone where they are going, only that they will be sleeping alone for five consecutive nights in five of the most haunted locations in America. What starts out as a unique experiment and RV trip with friends turns into a real-life horror movie, haunting them still to this day."

"Trail to Terror is my most personal project," Dakota shared in a statement. "It's my first-ever documentary and the seed that would eventually grow into Destination Fear. It ignited my passion for filmmaking and exploring the paranormal. None of us anticipated where this road trip would really take us, and I'm excited to finally share the experience and film with everyone."

Destination Fear: Trail to Terror debuts exclusively on discovery+ on February 24th.  

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