Dyatlov Pass Documentary An Unknown Compelling Force Gets First Trailer

News emerged earlier this month that the new documentary An Unknown Compelling Force would be [...]

News emerged earlier this month that the new documentary An Unknown Compelling Force would be debuting this summer, with the first trailer for the new film having officially been unveiled. The documentary aims to shed new light on one of the most well-known and bizarre occurrences among paranormal and true-crime enthusiasts, in which a group of hikers went missing in the Ural Mountains in 1959. When their bodies were discovered, a number of peculiar observations were made, including some of the hikers being found without their clothes and their skin strangely discolored, along with some of their tents appearing to have been torn apart from the inside. Check out the trailer above for An Uknown Compelling Force before it's slated to debut on June 15th.

Per press release, "An Unknown Compelling Force digs deep into the so-called Dyatlov Pass incident, which took place in the Ural Mountains in 1959. After a group of hikers failed to report back, search parties led by their peers and the Soviet Government uncovered their grizzly remains, which were found a mile from their shredded tent. It appeared as though the hikers fled into the freezing temperatures without their winter clothes or boots. Adding to the mystery, many of the bodies had suffered inexplicable injuries, and some even showed traces of radiation. The case was closed by investigators at the time, who declared that the hikers died from 'an unknown compelling force.' In the ensuing six decades, all manner of conspiracy theories have sprung up, involving everything from UFOs to a government murder and cover-up. The New Yorker recently explored the strange deaths in an exhaustive article that posited several explanations."

"Having been obsessed with this story for years, I found that most of the information online was either inaccurate or contradictory," director Liam Le Guillou shared. "I couldn't believe there wasn't a detailed investigation on film, and that's what set me off to find the truth for myself. I'll admit I was expecting to find mundane answers pointing to natural events, but the reality is much more shocking."

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"I'm thrilled to have this one on the release slate," Danny Grant, senior VP of film and strategic partnerships at 1091 Pictures, added. "The Dyatlov Pass incident is one of the top three unsolved mysteries of all time. For over 60 years many theories have been put forth, but they lacked believable evidence. This documentary puts forth by far the most compelling evidence as to what happened on that fateful night. True-crime fans will really enjoy this one."

An Unknown Compelling Force will debut on June 15th.

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