Discovery+ Secures Rights to Eli Roth's Shark Documentary FIN

Sharks have long been the subject of horror movies, with a variety of adventures aiming to strike [...]

Sharks have long been the subject of horror movies, with a variety of adventures aiming to strike fear into the hearts of audiences with the fish, but filmmaker Eli Roth knows that the true horrors related to the creatures are the ways in which they are being killed around the world, with the new documentary FIN set to premiere on discovery+ to chronicle such treatment. With Roth having delivered audiences unsettling experiences like Cabin Fever and Hostel, viewers might think a fictional experience involving sharks would be more horrifying, though the filmmaker himself knows that truth is much more frightening than fiction. FIN is slated to premiere on discovery+ on Tuesday, July 13th.

"FIN is the scariest film I've ever made, and certainly the most dangerous, but I wanted to send a message of hope to end this needless massacre of sharks. They keep our oceans clean to produce half our oxygen, and they deserve our respect and deserve to be saved, especially now when the shark fin sales ban is going before the House," Roth shared in a statement. "It's an honor to be joined by Leonardo DiCaprio to bring it to discovery+ audiences, and I couldn't have done this film without the incredible support of Lionsgate and the amazing team at Pilgrim. I wanted to show the crisis from all sides and paired with an action campaign we can make the change necessary to protect them. Fifty years ago the world came together to save the whales, then we did it for dolphins, and recently for Orcas. It's time to do the same for sharks, and time is running out."

In FIN, Roth and a professional group of scientists, researchers, and activists sail around the globe to unveil the truth behind the death of millions of sharks, exposing the criminal enterprise that is impacting the extinction of the misunderstood creatures. FIN features work from photographer Michael Muller and the support of organizations such as Oceana, Sea Shepherd, and Wild Aid. Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio executive produces the film along with actor, producer, and shark activist Nina Dobrev and President of Lionsgate Nonfiction Television and Pilgrim CEO and Chair Craig Piligian.

"Working with Eli and the group of experts on this documentary has been mind-blowing and immensely educational. For years, we've perceived sharks as monsters but what's truly monstrous is what's happening to these beautiful creatures," Piligian shared. "Eli's care, hard work, and research on this important cause is evident in the remarkable production value of the film and its riveting effect. It's a passion project for all of us involved and discovery+ is the perfect home."

Lisa Holme, Group SVP of Content and Commercial Strategy for Discovery, Inc. added, "Discovery is the undisputed leader in shark programming and we will extend that expertise into the streaming space this summer on discovery+, with must-see content for shark lovers and enthusiasts. Perhaps no project is more important and timely than FIN, as we bring awareness to the serious threats these beautiful fish are facing. Eli Roth put together a remarkable film with support from Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Dobrev, and we are honored to share it with the world."

FIN premieres on discovery+ on Tuesday, July 13th.

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