Jordan Peele Jokes That 'Get Out' is a Christmas Movie

When families get together for the holidays, one go-to method of spending time together is to put on a classic movie that delivers audiences feelings of joy and hope. Many of the classic holiday films have worn out their welcomes early in the month, forcing families to find new films to enjoy as a family. If you end up putting on GetOut for your family, writer/director Jordan Peele lends you his full support.

jordan peele get out christmas movie
(Photo: Twitter/JordanPeele)

The confirmation began when a Twitter user asked Peele, "Is Get Out a Christmas movie or am I about to upset my whole family?"

Peele responded, explaining, "Let’s see... there’s a man with a white beard, multiple deer, a fire place [sic], a bunch of snowflakes, and a guy named Chris goes down a dark hole! I’d say go for it!"

In the film, a young man Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) head to the suburbs for him to meet Rose's family for the first time. Chris is slightly nervous to meet the family for the first time, unaware how her family will react to their interracial relationship.

Get Out has been at the center of many discussions in the film world since its debut, as it effortlessly blends both humor and horror to tell its story. In November, those discussions reemerged after the reveal that the film was competing in comedic categories at the Golden Globe Awards.

Many thought it was doing the film a disservice by relegating it to a comedy as opposed to embracing its dramatic achievements.

"The most rewarding part of making Get Out is the conversations the film has inspired," Peele shared in a statement to Deadline. "When I originally heard the idea of placing it in the comedy category it didn’t register to me as an issue. I missed it. There’s no category for social thriller. So what? I moved on. I made this movie for the loyal black horror fans who have been underrepresented for years. When people began standing up for my voice, it meant a lot. Get Out doesn’t just belong to me any more, now it belongs to everyone."


It sounds like now we can consider Get Out a comedy, a thriller and a Christmas movie.

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