'Goosebumps' Twitter Account Teases First Look at 'Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween' Tomorrow

Production on the Goosebumps sequel has been long and complicated, with audiences still relatively unaware of what to expect from the final product, though we could be getting our first look in the near future, as the movie's official account teased an exciting unveiling. According to the post, we could be getting our first look at Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween tomorrow.

The account shared an image of Slappy, the deadly ventriloquist doll, at a soundboard with the accompanying message, "As you can see, I’m running the show now. You won’t want to miss what I’ve got in store for you tomorrow…"

While we don't want to get too excited about what to expect, Slappy staring at video monitors could likely result in a teaser or full-length trailer.

An official synopsis for the film has yet to be release, though Backstage teased reported details about the film, which read, "This film will feature one of the series’ more notorious villains: Slappy, the evil ventriloquist’s dummy who’s hell-bent on jump-starting the Halloween apocalypse. Three friends must stop the stuffed adversary before he ruins Halloween for good."

In the 2015 film, Jack Black starred as Goosebumps author R.L. Stine who came under attack by his most popular and horrifying creations. Additionally, Black voiced Slappy, though it's unclear if he is returning for the sequel.

Early details about the follow-up film teased that the amusement park HorrorLand would play a prominent role in the narrative, utilizing the attraction concept to incorporate more of Stine's creepy creations. Additionally, some reports teased that the overall structure would rely more on an anthology format, focusing on multiple vignettes as opposed to one overall timeline.

Whether those reports were proven false or the direction of the project was altered, new details emerged claiming the film would be called "Slappy's Halloween," which even Stine himself shared on Twitter. As evidenced by the above social media post, Slappy will likely play a prominent role in the new film, though expanding the title to "Haunted Halloween" implies there are more treats in store for audiences.

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween hits theaters on October 12th.


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