Halloween Kills: Original Michael Myers Actor Cameo Was Cut From the Film

The 2018 Halloween was exciting for a number of reasons, as it not only saw the return of original star Jamie Lee Curtis and original director John Carpenter to serve as producer, but it also included a shot of Nick Castle, who performed a majority of Michael Myers' scenes in the 1978 Halloween as the masked killer, as well as included Castle's breathing as Myers. This year's Halloween Kills once again featured Castle's breathing, with it recently being confirmed that, while Castle did film a brief scene for the latest sequel, that cameo has since been cut from the theatrical release of the film. Halloween Kills is currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

The deleted cameo was recently detailed on The Thing With Two Heads podcast, which is hosted by Sean Clark and Halloween Kills makeup designer Christopher Nelson. While discussing the new film, Clark pointed out, "People keep asking what scene Nick Castle was in. He was in a scene that got cut, that's supposedly gonna be on the DVD or Blu-ray. It was a POV shot from the drone going into the bathroom and you see his reflection in the mirror. That was the shot."

Shortly after Myers escapes the blazing remains of the Strode home, he continues his path of chaos throughout Haddonfield, Illinois. The scene featuring the cut cameo sees a drone disappearing into the darkness of a closet in a couple's home, leading to the broken device being thrown back at them mysteriously. From there, Michael emerges and brutally kills the couple.

While fans will surely be disappointed by this omission, Castle himself previously hinted that he wouldn't have been surprised if the scene didn't make it into the final cut.

"I actually did the scene ... there was only one scene, I can't tell what it is, I won't say what it is, but we'll see, it's an interesting one, because it's definitely something I can imagine being cut out, which I hope is not gonna happen," Castle confirmed to The Thing With Two Heads podcast in 2020. "For post-production, I did all the breathing for The Shape through the whole thing and I don't remember seeing it, maybe I'm just forgetting, but we'll see."

Part of what made Castle's return so exciting was that he hadn't been involved in the franchise since 1978, with Myers having been played by a number of different performers over the years. In both 2018's Halloween and Halloween Kills, Myers was performed by James Jude Courtney. 

Halloween Kills is in theaters and streaming on Peacock now.


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