Halloween Kills Teaser May Reveal How Michael Myers Survives

It's Halloween again, which means Universal Pictures and the team behind its rebooted Halloween movie franchise have the opportunity to bless fans with something special - and they've done just that. A new teaser video for the Halloween (2018) sequel Halloween Kills is now out, and included in the footage are several key images that may reveal some major plot points of the film. Halloween (2018) seemingly closed the door on Michael Myers (literally) by having Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) turn her house into a deadly fire pit meant to trap and kill Michael, but the Halloween Kills footage makes it clear that trap doesn't hold Michael for long.

Take a look at the new Halloween Kills teaser below, and keep a close eye at the :14 mark:

As you can see, Michael is spotted on the still-burning porch of Laurie's house, which she set ablaze at the end of the previous film, with Michael trapped in a basement bunker. If you closely at Michael on the burning porch it looks like he's holding some kind of tool in hand, which may further suggest that Michael has more ingenuity for survival than previously thought. There are a lot of tools in Laurie's basement, and with the right combination of hellish fury and fire damage to the structure, it's pretty conceivable that Michael could bash his way out of the trap in time to escape the house and a fiery death.

Other footage in the Halloween Kills teaser suggest that we will then segue into a real-time story about Michael hunting down the Strode family immediately after escaping the fire trap. We see Laurie (Curtis) being taken to the hospital with serious injuries (an ode to the original Halloween sequel); Laurie's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) is at a police station trying to get the shock of her husband's death; and Karen's daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) is seen putting in some seriously violent work with a shotgun.

In fact, Allyson's arc in this new Halloween has been the biggest question, as the first film ended with the young girl shattering her limits by stabbing Michael Myers to save her mom. The last shot of the film saw Allyson's hand still gripping Michael's knife, leading some fans to think (worry?) that this reboot could incorporate Rob Zombie's Halloween II plotline of the young heroine having a descent into madness and become the heir to Michael's legacy.


Halloween Kills on October 16, 2020.