'Halloween' Producer Wants Fans to Pay Close Attention to This While Watching

Last year's Halloween reboot/sequel became an instant hit with fans, in large part due to how true it stayed to John Carpenter's original film. This new movie is great on its own, but it offers a ton of Easter eggs, parallels, and references to the franchise's first installment, and there's no way that even the most faithful Halloween fans were able to catch everything in the theater.

Fortunately, Halloween has now arrived on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD, giving fans a chance to really dig in to the story. In preparation for the home release of the film, ComicBook.com spoke with producer Ryan Turek, and we asked him if there was anything fans look out for when they bring it home.

"There's a bunch of stuff," Turek began. "I am very active on social media. I'm very active on my Instagram. I literally saved the #Halloweenmovie on Instagram, so I could see what everybody says for good or for bad. I feel like Halloween is a film that deserves multiple viewings, because you pick up on a lot of stuff. I think that people should track very specifically Sartain. Sartain is a character who is very divisive. For good reason, I get that. What Sartain does in this film, what he says in the film. There's a great line where Laurie says, 'Oh, he's the new Loomis.' Everybody just took that at face value until there was a very specific turn that his character makes in the film.

"​I think it's deserving to go back to the beginning and hear Sartain out. Even when he's taking the journalists for their stroll, to go meet Michael, look and listen very closely to what he says. Track his movements, because it's all backed up. A lot of people were like, 'That came out of nowhere.' I'm like, 'I don't know if it came out of nowhere. You gotta listen to the man. He's laying the groundwork.' I mean, there's a lot of Easter eggs that we threw in there. There were some Easter eggs that might have been too much that we pulled out on the day. On the set, like when we were shooting. We're like, 'Maybe we don't need that.' Sartain is one very particular character that I want everybody to pay attention to, because it makes sense, to me at least."

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Halloween is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.