Will There Be a Season 3 of Hellier?

With Season Two of Hellier now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, fans are wondering if there will [...]

With Season Two of Hellier now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, fans are wondering if there will be a third season, though executive producer and cast member Greg Newkirk notes that, were a new season to take shape at some point in the future, the emotional exhaustion of making the second season would make for a long wait before the next installments. Unlike most other paranormal investigation series, which feature a team of investigators seeking answers for cases on an episodic basis, Hellier's exploration of a case in which a man claims he came under siege by "goblins" sparked a long-running investigation which inspired more questions than answers.

WARNING: Minor spoilers below for Hellier Season Two

"I think if there is a Season Three, it probably won't happen for a while because we are all kind of losing our minds," Newkirk revealed to ComicBook.com. "It definitely, without giving away too much, it definitely has an endpoint. If we wanted to end it here, I think we could. But I don't know if we have a choice in the matter. I think that what people are going to see in Season Two wraps up a lot of lingering questions from Season One and even some that are produced in Season Two really shows people that, what we're doing, is preparation for something bigger, something larger. And at the end of Season Two we have to sit there and stare this in the face and say, 'We've been given this set of tools. What do we do now?'"

In 2017, paranormal investigators Greg & Dana Newkirk, Karl Pfeiffer, and Connor Randall trekked into the heart of Appalachian coal country — Hellier, Kentucky — in search of a man who claimed that small, alien creatures were emerging from a long-abandoned mine shaft on his rural property. What they uncovered was more than a case of little green men, it was a far-reaching mystery with huge implications for the reality of paranormal phenomena.

The first season of the series addressed some of the mysteries surrounding the rural Kentucky town, only for the final moments to tease that this adventure had only just begun. The second season picks up almost directly from where that adventure ended, though Newkirk's comments confirm that the Season Two finale offers at least slightly more closure.

Having spoken with Newkirk ahead of the release of Season Two, the ongoing nature of the case means that, once audiences begin to see what the team discovered, all-new clues will likely be discovered.

"One of the great things about Hellier is the fact that we release it for free. Season One really became part of the case because so many emails came in from people who said, "I've seen something like this. My grandmother saw something like this. You should go here, you should talk to this person,'" Newkirk pointed out. "All of those things happened because Hellier was free. Now we're at this point again where we're going to put Hellier out. It's going to be free. As many people who want to watch it can watch it. Then we get to sit and sift through a whole other set of emails and contacts and see what this jogged free for everyone else."

Hellier is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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