'It: Chapter Two': Pennywise Spotted in a Swamp in New Set Photos

IT: Chapter Two is now in production, and fans have been eagerly eating up any and all first footage or photos that have come from the production. But while we love seeing the new adult cast members like Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy making their debut in the Stephen King movie universe, the real star of IT is (and always is) Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise the Clown!

Check out the latest photo of Pennywise, hanging out in the sort of creepy environment that best suits him:

The photos over at Just Jared show Skarsgard hanging out in Port Hope, Canada, filming a scene as Pennywise in a "muddy swamp area." From the way he's moving and posing in the photos, it seems like this may be a scene where Pennywise surprises an unsuspecting victim for one of his trademark freakouts. The setting is pretty great, bringing real grit, grime, and ominous atmosphere to the moment.

The first set photos of Pennywise in IT: Chapter Two were also from Port Hope, and showed Pennywise hanging out on top of a statue of Paul Bunyan, like surprising yet another poor resident of Derry, Maine, with a horrific vision to stoke their fear.

IT: Chapter Two picks up several decades after the events of the first film, with the Losers' Club now all grown up. One of the losers who stayed in Derry begins to notice a resurgence in the strange murders around town, realizing that Pennywise has returned after his hibernation. The rest of the Losers get contacted to make a pilgrimage back to the hometown they left behind; the only problem is, none of the Losers seem to have much of a memory about what went down when they were kids. To get themselves trained and ready for the battle ahead, the adult Losers must visit key places in town to spark faded memories of when they were kids - all before Pennywise gets to them first.


We've already learned that IT: Chapter Two will lean into the heavy metaphysics of King's novel - including the Ritual of Chüd, and the big emotional turns of Stephen King's source novel. All in all, it sounds like the sequel will be another big mainstream horror success for Warner Bros. - and another satisfying modern King adaptation for fans.

IT: Chapter Two will hit theaters on September 6, 2019.