Bill Hader Came Up With One of IT CHAPTER TWO's Funniest Moments

Although Stephen King's IT is a horror novel at heart, the second installment of the big-screen adaptation, IT CHAPTER TWO, takes the comedy of it all to surprising levels. The film is thrilling, there's no doubt about that, but the humor is much more abundant than anyone would have thought going in. What isn't quite as surprising is that most of that humor comes from Saturday Night Live alum and Barry creator Bill Hader. The man is notoriously funny and it sounds like he added quite a few of his own ideas to the film as well, including one of the most laugh-out-loud bits in the entire film.

There's a point in IT CHAPTER TWO where grown-up Richie mimics the Pennywise dance from the first movie, which was a viral sensation in its own right following its release in 2017. Seeing Hader mock the dance in IT CHAPTER TWO is absolutely hilarious and, as it turns out, the entire bit was the actor's idea.

During an interview with Variety, IT CHAPTER TWO screenwriter Gary Dauberman was asked about the noteworthy scene, and he admitted that it wasn't his creation to take credit for.

"Those are things I wish I could take credit for. That was totally Hader," Dauberman said. "What a gift. I was writing drafts where you know it’s going to be Hader and you’re like, 'How am I going to out-funny this guy?' It’s nice knowing someone is going to take it and run with it. That was a thrill for me to see what the cast could do with ideas."

Humor can be found all throughout IT CHAPTER TWO, and not just from Bill Hader (though he's clearly the comedic scene-stealer). According to Dauberman, laughter is necessary in a movie like this one.

"You need that laughter," he said. "I think the first one is really funny too. This cast is full of remarkably funny people, so it almost can’t be funny when you have people like Bill Hader. I think those jokes are true to the spirit of the first one we wanted to capture and carry it over to this film."


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IT CHAPTER TWO is now playing in theaters.