James Gunn Shares Chilling New 'Brightburn' Poster

Along with a new trailer, Brightburn writer/producer James Gunn has shared a chilling new poster [...]

Along with a new trailer, Brightburn writer/producer James Gunn has shared a chilling new poster for the upcoming Sony release, which is to be directed by Gunn's frequent collaborator David Yarovesky. The movie, described by the studio as a "superhero horror" movie, centers on a child who learns that he is an alien with super-powers. Instead of turning into Superman, though, the child (who grew up an outcast in a small town, much the way Clark Kent was depicted in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel) seemingly decides to settle some scores. You can check out the poster, which features a hooded and caped figure hovering against a red backdrop, below.

"I would go bananas for a big comic book franchise," Yarovesky told ComicBook.com in an interview at the time of The Hive's release. "I would love it so much. The truth is I wondered about that. I had a cameo in Guardians and I remember watching James and work and his relationship with his director of photography and the camera operators. Seeing how the pieces were moving, I was like, 'our budget was probably 1/10 of their craft service budget, but the core mechanics are the same. They're the same.' I think I would feel pretty comfortable, pretty fast at a bigger budget honestly."

The movie is Yarovesky's first feature film as a director since 2015's zombie-influenced horror movie The Hive. In the years between The Hive and Brightburn, Yarovesky has collaborated with Gunn on other projects, including the music video for "Guardians Inferno" and a Belko Experiment VR experience.

You can check out the new, extended Brightburn trailer here; it features a bit more about the city that the boy lands in. As Elizabeth Banks' Tori Breyer says, they believe Jackson came here for a reason, but it goes on to show that he's had a very hard time fitting in. It's a story that many who have felt like outsiders will identify with, but those people didn't discover they had superhuman abilities and coupled with his mysterious past and where he came from, he turns out to be a nightmare come to life.

Brightburn is directed by David Yarovesky and is written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn, with James Gunn, Kenneth Huang producing while Mark Gunn, Brian Gunn, Dan Clifton, Simon Hatt, and Nic Crawley are executive producing. The film stars Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, and Meredith Hagner. Brightburn hits theaters on Memorial Day, May 27th


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