Joe Bob Briggs Bringing Weekly Series to Shudder Next Year

In the '80s and '90s, Joe Bob Briggs became a famous face in the genre community, hosting the [...]

In the '80s and '90s, Joe Bob Briggs became a famous face in the genre community, hosting the weekly series Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater and then MonsterVision. The horror host has delivered audiences two special streaming events on Shudder, with 2019 bringing subscribers of the service a weekly TV show.

joe bob briggs dary the mail girl shudder

The idea of a regular show airing on Shudder was confirmed earlier this year, with details about that program being unknown. Diana Prince, who appeared in Briggs' specials as "Darcy the Mail Girl," confirmed over the weekend that next year will see a weekly show debut.

Recent years have seen Briggs hosting a number of live events around the country, with Shudder hosting a 24-hour marathon earlier this year, which seemingly served as a send-off to the host, as it was dubbed "The Last Drive-In." The popularity around the event not only overloaded the streaming service's servers, but led to the announcement of more specials and the new series. Briggs was overwhelmed by the support, though wasn't surprised by fans' desires to watch movies they've seen before with a community, even a digital one.

"Well, I think it's two things. And one of them is negative, and one of them is positive," Briggs recalled to about the response to the marathon from fans. "The negative thing is that in the political environment of today, people are just checking out of politics, they're just saying, 'I don't do politics. I don't wanna hear about it, I don't wanna watch the news. I'm gonna do other things.' And that might be macramé, and it might be surfing, and it might be something else. But one of the things they do is, 'I'm gonna watch every horror film ever made, and I'm gonna get into horror.'"

He added, "And so my thing is film. I don't do politics, I don't wanna hear about Trump, I don't want any pop-ups on my screen, I'm gonna do this. And so we live in a time, we live in a little bit of an escapist world right now, because people are so disgusted by other things happening in the country, and they don't want a headache. They've had enough headaches, and they want to do something fun. So that's the negative thing that causes something like this to be really popular."

As you wait for more details about the regular series, you can tune in to A Very Joe Bob Christmas, airing on Shudder December 21st.

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