'Locke & Key' Ordered to Series at Netflix

After two misfires from FOX and Hulu, the adaptation of horror comic Locke & Key is finally coming to life at Netflix.

The streaming giant ordered 10 episodes of the series, which is based on the IDW series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Lost show runner Carlton Cuse will produce and showrun alongside Meredith Averill.

Hill wrote the pilot which was originally produced for Hulu, but they passed on the series earlier this year. Netflix is not picking up Hulu's version of the pilot, according to Deadline's report, but instead will re-write the series and will re-cast it entirely.

Hill will collaborate with Cuse, Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite on the new version of Locke & Key.

It director Andy Muschietti will not return to direct the re-worked pilot as he is busy making It: Chapter 2. He will remain on as an executive producer with Barbara Muschietti. It co-star Jackson Robert Scott will remain on the cast as one of the Locke children, though it's not clear who else will remain involved with the series.

The Hulu pilot included actors Frances O'Connor, Nate Corddry, Samantha Mathis, Owen Teague and Danny Glover. We'll find out who, if any of them, stick around for the Netflix series.

Locke & Key has long been in production limbo. The series was initially ordered to pilot by FOX in 2011, though they eventually passed on that series. More than five years later, Hulu began developing the project with Hill and Cuse, though they too passed on the pilot.

Reports came out in May that Netflix was interested in picking up the pilot. It sounds like they came to an agreement with the producers, given the 10-episode order.


Locke & Key centers on Keyhouse, a supernatural location with many doors that have magical properties. There are various keys used to open the doors and harness the various abilities and powers they bestow. The Locke family returns to the house, built by one of their ancestors, after their father's death. They come into conflict with a demon who attempts to attain the keys and wreak havoc on the real world.

Rodriguez and Hill ended the narrative in 2016, though they have returned with a series of single issue comics to continue playing in the world they established. This marks Hill's second series coming to television, with NOS4A2 being developed by AMC. Netflix is also premiering In the Tall Grass on the streaming service, which is based on the book Hill co-wrote with his father Stephen King.