Scream Filmmakers Tease More Easter Eggs and Deleted Scenes on Home Video Release

Directors of the latest Scream Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin have already teased some of the details of elements of the sequel that ended up on the cutting-room floor, with a recent Reddit AMA they did hinting at some other elements that audiences will get to check out on the film's home video release. Based on their remarks throughout the conversation, it sounds as though there won't be anything included that would imply a substantially different experience, but knowing there is any additional material at all will surely have fans excited. The new Scream is in theaters now and is currently available for pre-order on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, though it doesn't have an official release date.

A recent trend seen in home video releases is offering audiences a director's, extended, or uncut version of a film, with the filmmakers noting that there won't be an additional cut being made available on home video. They did confirm, however, that "we will include some deleted scenes or moments."

One of the more exciting reveals in the film was the confirmation that Hayden Panettiere's Kirby from Scream 4 had actually survived her encounter with Ghostface, a question some fans have had since that 2011 sequel. While this film ultimately referenced her by offering a brief glimpse of a YouTube thumbnail that teased an interview with "survivor" Kirby, a deleted sequence featured a poster claiming Kirby was missing, which might cause some conflict if a YouTube video confirms she's alive.

"We had wanted to include [Kirby] in some way from very early in the process and spoke with Hayden but we didn't want to shoehorn Kirby into the movie so we kept looking for a place to put her in," the directors confirmed. "In a deleted scene at the sheriff's scene, there was a Kirby missing poster behind [actors] Jasmin [Savoy Brown] and Mikey [Madison]. The YouTube Easter egg materialized as soon as we began designing the YouTube page (which is 100% Easter eggs)."

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming home video release of Scream, which is still in theaters now.

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