Scream: Rian Johnson Has Perfect Title Suggestion For 8th Installment

The fifth Scream movie hit theaters last month and its success at the box office has already led to the news of a sixth movie. If the franchise ever makes it to Scream 8, Rian Johnson has a title suggestion. In the new Scream, it's revealed that the Stab franchise (the movies made within the movies) recently released an eighth movie and it was helmed by none other than Rian Johnson, who is best known for directing Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Scream was clearly poking fun at TLJ haters, and Johnson seems to be a fan of the bit. In fact, he took to Twitter yesterday to suggest a title for Scream 8

"SCREAM 8: A BENOIT BLANC MYSTERY," Johnson wrote. Benoit Blanc, of course, is the character played by Daniel Craig in Knives Out. This post comes just one day after Netflix shared a first look at the cast of Knives Out 2. You can check out Johnson's Scream post below:

In a recent interview, Scream co-writer James Vanderbilt opened up about the decision to use Johnson as a plot device.

"We loved the idea that someone had made one that was not well received. Much like certain directors have made big IP movies that fandoms have rejected in an enormous way," Vanderbilt told The Wrap. "There is a very tiny percentage of people who feel such an ownership over an IP and have such anger toward people that if they don't do things exactly the way they want to, spew this [stuff], and that feels like something that didn't exist 10 years ago."

"I think watching how people attacked him as a person was, oh we're in new territory here," Vanderbilt added. "In Scream 1 they talk about Wes Carpenter movies, in Scream 2 they talk about Robert Rodriguez directed Stab. There is a great tradition of commenting on other filmmakers who are peers of the time, and that felt like a very natural thing. Rian directed this big IP that was divisive. We felt like if someone directed the 'Stab' movie and it were divisive, it would be fun if it were Rian."


As for Knives Out 2, Craig returns as Benoit Blanc as he tries to solve a mystery with an entirely new cast of characters. The short clip in the preview trailer features Dave Bautista, Madelyn Cline, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, and Kathryn Hahn. Ethan Hawke, Janelle Monae, and Edward Norton are also in the film.

Scream is still playing in theaters. Knives Out 2 is expected to be released later this year.