Scream VI: Dermot Mulroney Opens Up About His First Franchise Film Ahead of Marvel Debut

Dermot Mulroney is known for an array of films, including Young Guns, My Best Friends' Wedding, The Family Stone, August: Osage County, and much more. However, now fans know him as Detective Bailey from Scream VI. Recently, the actor appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show (via PEOPLE) and talked about how the new Scream was his first time joining a franchise or sequel project. However, this won't be the actor's last appearance in a major franchise this year. He will also be appearing in Disney+'s next Marvel series, Secret Invasion

"You know what? I feel like I'm, you know, I'm in the popular crowd this time, where they invited this guy to hang out with them," Mulroney said of the "amazing cast." He added, "See how cool they are ... So I thought that the whole time and we only had one tiny little green room and we made this horrifying and hilarious hit movie." 

"Amazing experience for me," he added, "Unlike any other movie I've ever done. I've just never been in a franchise or a sequel or anything, so it's kind of like they already have their audience, they've already solved all their problems, now they're just pumping out really hilarious scary movies. So to be invited at this stage, it's just really, really awesome. It was nice of them after it was successful."

Who Is Dermot Mulroney Playing in Secret Invasion

Last year, set photos for the upcoming seriesSecret Invasion, revealed that Dermot Mulroney was cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new President of the United States. Fans quickly spotted the actor in a newspaper article that revealed his role, but Mulroney avoided talking about the part while chatting with last year. 

"I don't know…I did work with Don Cheadle," Mulroney revealed. "And I think there's some footage from that episode of Fame in 1986 dangling out there on YouTube, so please don't watch that. Um, I'm sorry, was there another question?"

Does Dermot Mulroney Die in Scream VI?

Warning: Scream VI Spoilers Ahead! The climax of Scream VI revealed that Mulroney's Detective Bailey was actually the father of the previous film's killer, Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid). This time around, the killers ended up being Richie's whole family. In addition to Mulroney, the Ghostfaces were made up of Richie's sister Quinn (Liana Liberato) and brother Ethan (Jack Champion). In true Ghostface fashion, none of the killers survived the film. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mulroney opened up about playing the villain.

"It's really kind of a complex plan," Mulroney explained. "[My character has] collected all of those artifacts, and called all those people in, and rented out that theater. Ridiculously complex but successful until our heroes take him out, right?" He added, "I was told by my agent, 'Good news, we have a call from Scream VI, they want you, they can't tell you anything else, but they need to let you know that you are the bad guy.' ... It wasn't called 'Ghostface' there; it was just 'the bad guy.' I wasn't even up on how intense people are following Ghostface. So then I get pieces of the script, but they neglected to tell me what part I'm playing. So I'm looking for two things when I'm reading the script, which part it is that I am and who it is in the script that's going to wind up being Ghostface. So, for a while, I suspected that I was going to play the psychologist because Bailey is written so mildly I thought that's probably not my part; it's just a passing detective. It shows you that the script itself was quite ingenious in how they buried Bailey or made him incidental to scenes. Then I get to the end, and it is Bailey! It was me all along!"

Scream VI is still playing in theaters, and Secret Invasion is rumored to debut in June.