'The Craft' Reboot Reportedly Green-Lit At Blumhouse

The Craft, that '90s cult-hit horror film about a hot cult of witches, is getting a fresh start. [...]

The Craft, that '90s cult-hit horror film about a hot cult of witches, is getting a fresh start. After the Internet was recently thrilled by a reunion of The Craft cast members, Blumhouse Productions has now reportedly decided to green-light a reboot of the film!

Production Weekly is where this little hint of The Craft reboot is hiding: as you can see below, the site has a listing for a Craft reboot, including some early info about the crew of fimmakers involved, a proposed shooting start, and even a loose synopsis:

The Craft Reboot Announcement Production Weekly

So for the breakdown:

  • The Craft is set to start shooting in July.
  • Producers are Jason Blum, Doug Wick (Divergent Saga), Lucy Fisher (Divergent Saga)
  • Zoe Lister-Jones (Band Aid) is writing and directing the film.

The biggest point of interest here is seeing Zoe Lister-Jones apparently get a major studio project to helm, after her brakeout directorial debut with Band Aid in 2017. That film was written, directed, and starred Zoe Lister-Jones alongside Adam Pally (Happy Endings) and Fred Armisen (Portlandia), in a story about a couple that is slowly falling apart, and tries to save their marriage by starting a rock band and using their fights as song inspirations.

It's not hard to see why the unique vision and voice Lister-Jones showed off in Band Aid would be of value to a Craft reboot: Beneath all the supernatural horror about witchcraft, the '96 film stood out as one of the only film (horror or otherwise) to address the challenge of navigating the female social order as a teenager. The story dealt an eccentric (read: witch) new girl coming to town, and trying to fall in with other social misfits like her, only to have to lures of popularity, power and sexuality cause the group to implode from within.

While The Craft indeed dipped its toes into issues of race, gender, class, self-harm and so many other issues faced by teenage girls, the movie was admittedly written (Peter Filardi) and directed (Andrew Fleming) by men. It will definitely be interesting to see how a filmmaker like Zoe Lister-Jones will both modernize the premise of The Craft, and possibly provide new dimensions and insights to the story that the original simply didn't have perspective on.

Craft star Robin Tunney has previously spoken about the possibility of a reboot or sequel - and what would be required to make it worthwhile:

"I feel like in order to make it seem culturally relevant, they need to do something [new] and do it quite well. They just can't pick it up where it left off and it's all of our kids or something," Tunney pointed out. "Generations of people have watched it. It's the idea of somebody just trying to monetize that and not caring if it's good or not would be sad. I would love to do it if I thought it was going to be cool. I'm so proud of the fact that I was in a movie that has been loved by so many generations of people and watched at so many sleepovers. It's an honor."

Would you be happy to see a new version of The Craft hit theaters? Let us know in the comments!

The Craft will reportedly start shooting in July.