The Fanatic Star Devon Sawa Discusses Working with John Travolta, Shares Christina Ricci Story

Devon Sawa, the actor best known for films such as Idle Hands and Final Destination, can soon be [...]

Devon Sawa, the actor best known for films such as Idle Hands and Final Destination, can soon be seen in The Fanatic, a new thriller from Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. The upcoming movie hits theaters tomorrow, August 30th, and follows a man named Moose (John Travolta) who stalks his favorite celebrity, Hunter Dunbar (Sawa). recently had the opportunity to speak with Sawa about The Fanatic, and he shared what it was like to film creepy scenes with Travolta, and how a few trips to the movies with Christina Ricci in 1994 changed his outlook on filmmaking.

"It got bizarre in that room," Sawa explained of The Fanatic. "John stayed in character the whole time from the minute he came to set every day, everybody called him 'Moose.' He would rock back and forth, he talked to people as Moose, he would stutter, he would pull his ear, and all this weird stuff. That was the tone was set, that was how we shot it. It was awesome," he added. "I am hoping one day Fred does a director's cut."

We went on to ask Sawa what his favorite Travolta movie was, and he ended up sharing a great anecdote from his time on the set of Now and Then with Christina Ricci, who he also worked with on Casper.

"Pulp Fiction changed my life as an artist," Sawa revealed. "I have been doing this since the age of eight or nine years old and I was going to set, I was having fun, and I was a child actor and it was good times, and great experience and whatnot. I was doing Now and Then, and Christina and I saw Pulp Fiction four or five times in the theaters that summer while we were shooting."

"It was the first time I kind of thought about what I was doing as an art and not just a good time. Not just showing up and saying some lines and having some fun with other kids. It was the first time that I kind of looked at it and I looked back and re-watched a lot of different movies, like Goodfellas and Rain Man, and Scent of a Woman, and all these performances. It was the Vince Vega character, it was the Samuel L. Jackson character, it was all those head actors in Pulp Fiction that kind of made me realize that this was something more. So John, really, that was the movie that kind of changed my life."

In addition to talking about The Fanatic, Sawa also weighed in on the upcoming Final Destination reboot, and revealed that he'd make another Idle Hands movie "in a heartbeat." Stay tuned for more Sawa stories about working with Durst, being the original "Stan," and his hilarious feud with Macaulay Culkin.

The Fanatic hits theaters on August 30th, soon followed by a VOD and digital release on September 6th.