The Munsters Reboot: Rob Zombie Reveals Near Complete 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Musician turned filmmaker Rob Zombie is back with another update on his upcoming reboot of The Munsters, confirmed to be an original film coming to NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming service, this time with a new progress report on the set. Production on Zombie's revival of the classic sitcom is set to take place in Budapest, Hungary and they're in the midst of constructing the Munster family's home, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, along with an entire neighborhood around it. "It's a beautiful day in Budapest and good old Mockingbird Lane is coming along perfectly," Zombie wrote on Instagram. "Who wouldn't want to live here?" Check out the photos below!

Zombie has been in the midst of several tour dates for the past few weeks with only two more left on his schedule according to his website, November 12 and then February 16, 2022, perhaps leaving himself enough of a window in-between to actually shoot the movie. As of this writing no casting for the movie has been confirmed but considering the extensive roster of character actors and celebrities that Zombie frequently works with it's not hard to imagine a version of the film with some of his favorites in the roles, Sheri Moon Zombie in the part of Lilly Munsters for example seems like a no-brainer.

Though Zombie's previously gritty and violent horror movie filmography might have fans thinking he's a peculiar fit for rebooting a campy sitcom like The Munsters it might give you some solace to know he's probably the biggest fan of the series on the planet. Zombie has long been a devout fan of The Munsters however, as those familiar with his single "Dragula" will recall, but he's spoken about it in interviews for years at this point.

Another behind-the-scenes tease from Zombie for the upcoming movie came from his go-to special effects creator Wayne Toth, who has collaborated with the filmmaker on many of his previous films. Among those photos was a pair of gnarly teeth and some monster masks being created for the film including one that looks like a zombie and another labeled "demon." Considering how gnarly these designs look that might have audiences wondering if Zombie is going for a series Munsters, but if we were guessing we'd imagine his version will have its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.


(Cover Photo by CBS via Getty Images)