Rob Zombie's Munsters Reboot Reveals Update on Mockingbird Lane House

Pre-production on Rob Zombie's big screen reboot of The Munsters continues and another update from [...]

Pre-production on Rob Zombie's big screen reboot of The Munsters continues and another update from the set has arrived in the form of construction on the family's iconic home. Zombie took to social media to reveal the progress made on 1313 Mockingbird Lane for the new film, showing off the skeleton of the house that's being built for the film. "BIG NEWS! Direct from the set of THE MUNSTERS!" Zombie posted on Instagram. "Construction on the Munsters house has officially begun ! Stay posted for more updates as this icon structure returns to life!" You can find the photos of the location below!

Filming on Rob Zombie's The Munsters is set to take place in Budapest, Hungary but when the cameras will begin rolling and who will star in the film has not yet been confirmed. It seems like almost a given that Sheri Moon Zombie will have a part in the film, the fan favorite guess being that she'll play Lily Munster, as the actress has previously appeared in all of her husband's movies. Other teases from Zombie about the upcoming movie have shown off the entire street that they've constructed for the house as well as the floor plan for the estate.

The combo of Rob Zombie and The Munsters may not seem like one that makes sense from the outside looking in as the original version of the show was a campy sitcom while Zombie's filmography to date has mostly been in your face, violent horror movies. Zombie has long been a devout fan of The Munsters however, as those familiar with his single "Dragula will recall.

Another behind-the-scenes tease from Zombie for the upcoming movie came from his go-to special effects creator Wayne Toth, who has collaborated with the filmmaker on many of his previous films. Among those photos was a pair of gnarly teeth and some monster masks being created for the film including one that looks like a zombie and another labeled "demon." Considering how gnarly these designs look that might have audiences wondering if Zombie is going for a series Munsters, but if we were guessing we'd imagine his version will have its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.

The Munsters originally debuted on September 24, 1964, and ran for just two seasons for a total of 70 episodes. The series combined classic monster movie motifs with sitcoms and went on to spawn several movies even after its conclusion, with TV movies following decades later. A previous attempt to revive the series was undertaking by Bryan Fuller in 2012 but that series, titled Mockingbird Lane, was ultimately not picked up by NBC.

(Cover photo by CBS via Getty Images & Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic)