Trailer for Abandoned 'Tremors' TV Series Emerges

The announcement that Kevin Bacon was returning to the Tremors franchise for an all-new TV series [...]

The announcement that Kevin Bacon was returning to the Tremors franchise for an all-new TV series last year excited fans, as he's been absent from the saga since the original 1990 movie. Unfortunately, fans recently had those hopes dashed when Bacon himself confirmed that the pilot wasn't picked up, though a trailer for the series can be seen above.

Not only does the above trailer give us a look at Bacon reprising his role as Valentine McKee, but it also teased how the hero fell on hard times after defeating the Graboids. The new series would have followed the events of the original film while ignoring the events of the five sequels and the short-lived TV series.

The source of the video is unclear, as it was posted to Vimeo by the user "Valentine McKee" and features recognizable songs, likely revealing that the trailer was far from official. One possibility is that a member of the pilot's crew put the trailer together, especially given how surprised many involved with the project were that SYFY never picked it up.

When asked if a different network, such as Netflix, could move forward with the project, the pilot's director Vincenzo Natali claimed, "I suppose it's possible. People loved it and it tested great. I am baffled by this decision." The show's writer, Andrew Miller, also expressed his disappointment on Twitter, though he offered fans photos from the pilot.

It's possible that the trailer was purposefully released in an unofficial capacity to drum up support from fans to convince another network to move forward with the project.

The original Tremors is considered a cult classic monster movie, but upon initial release, the film failed to impress critics or fans. This disappointment was what prevented Bacon from reprising his role in any of the film's sequels.

"I was like - why would I make a sequel of a bomb?" Bacon previously revealed to Screen Daily. "That makes no sense to me. I am not going to make another movie that's not going to do well at the box office. That is not a good career move."

Despite it feeling like a bad career move at the time, the actor also pointed out he's been interested in reviving the role ever since the first installment.

"It's the only character I've ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later," Bacon confessed. "It (Tremors) is a really good movie."

The sixth film in the franchise, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, debuted earlier this month.

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