Trick 'r Treat Director Offers Update on Sequel Plans

Director Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat might not have gotten the theatrical release it [...]

Director Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat might not have gotten the theatrical release it deserved, but that never stopped it from earning a massive cult following in the decade since its release, though progress on the announced sequel hasn't been as productive as some would hope. While Dougherty himself is still somewhat excited about possibly continuing the anthology series, his most recent comments confirm that delays on the project are due to the studio Legendary failing to invest into developing the project, but admits that keeping the endeavor a standalone film almost adds to the unique nature of the narrative.

"Oh man, it's that time of year! I feel like that's become the new Halloween tradition: ask Mike about Trick 'r Treat 2!" Dougherty shared with "Listen, I'm intrigued by the idea and it's completely up to Legendary. It's been a few years since we initially talked about it and there's been a regime change since then. They still have the property and they love it and there's still a long line of merchandise and a continuing line of comic books based on the film but the ball is in their court. The moment they say they're interested and ready to go, we'll see if the stars align."

The original anthology featured a variety of terrifying tales, all exploring various elements of the traditional celebrations of Halloween. Whether it be checking your candy or avoiding talking to strangers, the whimsical nature of the narrative blended humor with horror in a compelling way, leading it to becoming a go-to film for the Halloween season.

Since the film's release, its fan base has grown so strong that Universal Studios honored Trick 'r Treat with a maze at Halloween Horror Nights last year. Dougherty noted that, to keep the film a standalone endeavor, it maintains the integrity of the concept.

"At the same time, I think there's something to be said about not sequelizing it," the filmmaker pointed out. "In a business that is obsessed with franchising and spinoffs and prequels and sequels, maybe there's something to be said about just leaving it alone."

The sequel was announced back in 2013 and Dougherty previously teased it would be the project he tackled after Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but with that film falling short of financial expectations, it's unclear if his future plans have been altered.

Stay tuned for details on a Trick 'r Treat sequel.

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