Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Still Expected to Hit Netflix This Year

Netflix confirmed last year that new episodes of its Unsolved Mysteries revival would be debuting on the streamer this year, and while fans patiently wait for updates on when those new investigations could be ready, franchise co-creator Terry Meurer confirmed that Volume 3 is still expected to debut this year. The producer avoided offering any time frame outside of this year, while also dodging any details about the sorts of investigations we could expect in the new episodes, but given how little we have heard about Volume 3 since it was confirmed last year, any information about the status of the series is still welcome. In the meantime, audiences can check out Season 2 of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast wherever they get their podcasts.

"I can say that it is coming out this year. I think I can get away with that. We're sworn to secrecy," Meurer confirmed to ComicBook.com. "Netflix would have my head, literally. Volume 3 will be coming out this year, and we've got some great stories included in that, as well."

After years away from the spotlight, the series returned with 12 episodes in 2020, with one of the major differences between this reboot and previous takes on the material being the lack of a host. Given that original host Robert Stack is so beloved, the Netflix reboot clearly wanted to avoid the difficult task of finding a new host, with Meurer pointing out that it seems unlikely this new interpretation of the concept would ever end up recruiting a host.

"You know, that's a Netflix call. We love [podcast host] Steve [French]," Meurer shared about possible changes to the TV series. "I think that the audience has come, the podcast audience, certainly, has come to know Steve as the voice of the series. That's not really our call. I think Netflix feels like the series is working well, and so I don't think they would be probably entertaining the idea of a host, but we love Steve and would work with him on this, well, we are working with him on this and anything else as well. He's just a great voice and a great fan. He's actually a fan of the show. Very supportive."

Produced and directed by Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and Cadence13, and narrated by award-winning voice actor Steve French, Unsolved Mysteries presents all-new unsolved cases from the vast Unsolved Mysteries database -- including unsolved murders, missing persons, fugitives, mysterious creatures, and the paranormal -- with each episode taking a deep dive into one specific mystery. In addition, listeners will hear updates on select cases explored in Season 1. Each week, the series features family members who have experienced mysterious events in their lives and law enforcement officials and forensic experts who work tirelessly to solve these cases. The cases profiled also include people who have experienced paranormal activity. All episodes of the Unsolved Mysteries podcasts end with a call-to-action directing listeners to the Unsolved Mysteries website -- unsolved.com -- to provide clues that could help solve the mysteries.

Season 2 of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast releases new episodes every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts. Stay tuned for details on Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries.  

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