New Study Suggests Aliens Existed and Died Because Of Technological Advancement

A new study and theory from it suggests that humans and life on earth are not the first beings in the universe as intelligent life, aliens, have existed but ultimately got too smart for their own good. According to this new study, those aliens developed their technology to a point beyond that which they were capable of controlling and it resulted in the demise of their species as a whole. The study seems to imply that humans could be on a similar trajectory as technology continues to reach new levels of innovation and development with seemingly no end in sight.

The information comes from researchers with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology. These big brains have concluded historic trends seem to indicate that a civilization’s technological advances “will inevitably lead to complete destruction and biological degeneration.’’ This goes on to make the point that any intelligent life previously claiming any real estate in the Milky Way has already killed itself off by using their own technology.“[I]f intelligent life is likely to destroy themselves, it is not surprising that there is little or no intelligent life elsewhere,” the researchers said in a paper posted online.

"We found the potential self-annihilation to be highly influential in the quantity of galactic intelligent life, suggesting another possible answer to the Fermi Paradox; if intelligent life is likely to destroy themselves, it is not surprising that there is little or no intelligent life elsewhere," the paper reads. "Further, the probability of abiogenesis was not found to influence the quantity of intelligent life within the range developed by previous works, which supports the optimistic perspective of life being common in the Galaxy."

The paper, in summary, does not claim to know with certainty if, when, or where intelligent life existed in our galaxy. It estimates that there has been an abundant amount since the galaxy spawned and there will be more after humans have left the building, as well. It does also open the door for a likelihood of intelligent life existing off of earth right now but being too young in its development for humans to find and study.


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(Photo: AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images)