Man Dressed As The Joker Spotted Riding Jet Ski Around New York City

A man dressed as The Joker was spotted jet skiing in New York City's East River today. As you can see in the video below, @KrissyLionz was trying to find some relaxation on the water, only to come across a man who was apparently working things out with some aggressive jet ski maneuvers. A close-up photo shows the man clearly took inspiration from Heath Ledger's Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, with a Ledger-Joker mask and purple trench coat-style life jacket - atop some swimming tights and pale legs. This video proves that what Ledger's Joker said in The Dark Knight is just as true about quarantine life:

"What doesn't kill you, only makes you... weirder."

"New York is a strange place man. I think I saw The Joker on water today 🤣🤣🤣" -@KrissyLionz

Joker sightings have become a cultural controversy in the years since The Dark Knight's release. It started with the shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater mass shooting during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, which led to feelings of unease and concern over Joker cosplay. Reports of the Florida man who went on a crime spree while sporting Joker-themed tattoos didn't help with that negative association. The release of the Joker movie became a cultural lightning rod over concerns the film would spark real-life waves of anarchic and/or violent behavior, and In the current socio-political climate, that concern is still a very real one.

That's all to say: this jet skier was probably aware his makeup would make a loud statement, so consider this mission accomplished? Hey, maybe he was really missing Comic-Con this year... We feel you, buddy.


We'ere still waiting to see if Joker will be part of The Batman reboot movie.