Fan-Favorite Disney World Attraction Receives Update

A fan-favorite ride at Walt Disney World has gotten an update with a sneaky reference to an old EPCOT attraction. This week, the Carousel of Progress at Tomorrowland received an update, with the family featured at the end of the ride receiving new modern-looking clothes. While all of the characters have received updated and modern clothing, several of the animatronic characters have also been given facial makeovers, with the father receiving a darker hair color and the mother receiving a new hairstyle and a new pair of glasses. You can check out the updated looks below:

One of the bigger changes is the inclusion of several pieces of Disney park history in the wardrobe changes. The dad's apron is a reference to Food Rocks, an attraction at EPCOT that ran for a decade and featured animatronic food items. Meanwhile, the son is wearing a shirt with the logo to Mineral King ski resort, a proposed ski resort that Walt Disney conceived of back in the 1960s. After Disney doubled the size of the planned ski resort, the Sierra Club came out against Mineral King and the proposed area was eventually annexed into part of Sequoia National Park in the late 1970s. The daughter is also wearing a Progress Tech sweatshirt, a reference to the Progress City model that now sits within the Tomorrowland PeopleMover. 


The Carousel of Progress is one of Magic Kingdom's oldest rides and actually predates Magic Kingdom by nearly a decade. The ride originally was made for the 1964 World's Fair in New York City and was then moved to Disneyland when the World's Fair was completed. It eventually made its way to Disney World in 1975, and has received several updates since to keep the modern family at the end of the ride looking modern. While Carousel of Progress is often rumored to be on the verge of permanent closure, the recent updates indicate that it's probably not leaving Magic Kingdom any time soon.