Little Shop Of Horrors Is On Hold, Chris Evans Wants Fans To Cheer It on

If you've been wondering what Captain America star Chris Evans is doing after his time in the [...]

If you've been wondering what Captain America star Chris Evans is doing after his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the answer is the Little Shop of Horrors reboot from Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti. Unfortunately, Little Shop of Horrors is on hold along with so many stage productions. However, Chris Evans is urging his fans and supporters to show to "Little Shop" in order to get momentum going again. In fact, Chris Evans and his brother Scott did an interview recently, in which the Marvel icon basically stokes fan passions to get a social media campaign going for Little Shop of Horrors"

Speaking to ACE Universe, Chris Evans gave an update about where things stand with the Little Shop of Horrors stage production:

"I'm over the moon about it - buzz I can't tell you much about," Chris Evans admits. "'Little Shop'... it hit the brakes for a minute, it had some budget issues... When COVID hit, and all of a sudden budgets for films go through the roof trying to make it a safe place to go to work. So you know, the discussions stalled a bit, to the point that I was calling my team saying 'Hey, what's going on with 'Little Shop?' What's going on with 'Little Shop?' Who do I have to talk to? What do I have to do?"

Chris Evans Little Shop Horrors Movie Reboot Production update

Chris Evans goes on to elaborate about the fact that he's made contact with Berlanti, and that it's a "back and forth" process with Warner Bros. getting "Little Shop of Horrors" going again. Of course, his experiences with Marvel Studios have clearly taught him a thing or two: he isn't waiting for Hollywood to sort out its mess - he's trying to get the ball rolling now, using the tried-and-true modern method of movie production: trending topics amongst fans. So what does Chris Evans want all his Stans to do for "Little Shop Horrors?" In his own words:

"I think a lot of things are up in the air, and we're living in a rapidly changing time... so for now I think it's at a little bit of a standstill, but I don't know, hopefully if enough people get noisy about it, it will move it right along. So please, by all means, start tweeting, get loud! Because I'm dying to do that one!"

For context: Chris Evans is up to play Orin Scrivello, aka "The Dentist," in Little Shop of Horrors - a darkly comedic role famously played by Steven Martin in Frank Oz' 1986 Little Shop of Horrors movie adaptation. It would be another great (and hammy) "villain" role for Evans, after his turn as an evil schemer in Knives Out. Evans' Disney/Marvel buddy Scarlet Johansson is also rumored to star, as is Rocket Man's Taron Egerton.

Little Shop of Horrors has no release date or even a production start date.