Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Buys Stake in New Cellphone Company

Though best known for his comedic chops on the big screen and fighting for over a decade to get [...]

Though best known for his comedic chops on the big screen and fighting for over a decade to get his Deadpool movie made, actor Ryan Reynolds is gearing up for a new venture. In an official press release, wireless company Mint Mobile has announced that Reynolds has purchased an ownership stake in the company. As part of his investment in Mint Mobile, Reynolds will also have a hand in Mint's communications and marketing efforts as well as strategic decision-making.

"It's a bit unconventional which is why I like it," Reynolds said. "Celebrities generally invest in high-end products like skincare brands or delicious gin companies. Yet Mint is making wireless way more affordable at a time when the average American is paying 65 dollars a month. I'm excited to champion a more practical approach to the most essential technology."

Developed in 2016, Mint Mobile offers "premium wireless" prices for users across the US for as little as $15 a month. With Mint Mobile's Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program, customers can get Mint Mobile service instantly on their unlocked phone or they can buy the latest iPhone or Android with Mint Mobile Service, directly from

It's unclear what Reynolds' next major steps on the big screen will be but his next project to his the big screen (or your TV at home) will be 6 Underground on Netflix, the new film from Michael Bay. He'll also star in The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Free Guy in 2020. In addition, the actor is also working on a new version of Clue, based on the board game, and A Christmas Carol, based on the classic story.

It's unclear when Reynolds will suit up again as the Merc with a mouth, though the actor previously teased his meeting with Marvel Studios with many speculating this means Marvel Studios is gearing up for the third installment in the Deadpool series — though it remains to be seen just how they'll handle incorporating the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has previously discussed an openness to doing R-rated movies in the MCU provided they're marketed properly.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick spoke with ComicBook about potential the Deadpool 3 movie and revealed they're already in contact with Reynolds about the upcoming movie.

"We're in touch with Ryan," Wernick said. "Ryan's our muse. We would do everything with Ryan, every single project, if we could. We just love him so much. He's a brilliant actor and a dear friend. Yeah. When that text comes, we will open final draft and start with the title page of Deadpool 3."