Devon Sawa Got a Hilarious Autograph From Macaulay Culkin

Actors who get their start as child stars but go on to have success as adults are a rare breed, and today on Twitter, fans got to see a pretty funny exchange between two pretty successful examples. In a post showing off some swag he received for Little Christmas, Devon Sawa gave his fans a look at a headshot of Macaulay Culkin, apparently personalized to him from the actor. While still active in indie film, TV, stage, and on the internet, Culkin is best known for roles he took on as a child actor, including Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone franchise and roles in movies like The Good Son and Richie Rich.

Sawa, meanwhile, played the role of Casper -- at least, the non-dead, non-ghost version of him -- in 1995's Casper, the family comedy based on the Harvey Comics character. He would go on to become a more identifiable face as a teenager, appearing in movies like Final Destination, Idle Hands, and the cult classic SLC Punk!.

That sets the stage for a tweet, seen below, in which Sawa shared a look at the Culkin photo, which has "f--k you, Casper" scrawled across Culkin's face.

Taking place on January 6, "Little Christmas" celebrates the end of the 12 days of Christmas -- the time it took the Magi to find Jesus after his birth and present him with gifts. Some Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on that date, while other denominations, including some Catholics, have a smaller celebration that recognizes the event while still celebrating the actual birth of Jesus on December 25.


It looks as though Sawa also got a copy of Uncanny X-Men 3D #1, which was released in 2019 and featured a 3D-converted version of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's Uncanny X-Men #268. The issue, with a January 2019 cover date, lines up with a period in time when Sawa and Culkin were having a playful Twitter "feud," which ended in February 2019, after about a year of playful back-and-forth during which time pranks on one another included Culkin introducing himself as Sawa on his podcast, and selling "Devon Sawa" t-shirts on his online store. He also apparently set up, which remains a hilarious time capsule.