As It Turns Out, DiGiorno Is Actually Going to Start Delivering Pizza...Kind of

digiorno pizza
(Photo: DiGiorno)

For a quarter of a century, DiGiorno has built a brand on having delivery-quality pizza in the form of a store-bought frozen pizza pie. By now, you know the slogan — "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!" Now, the pizza company is uprooting everything it ever stood for and is trying to get into the pizza delivery game — kind of. Starting Tuesday, the company launched a contest on social media for fans to get free pizza shipped right to their city.

Throughout the month of October — which just so happens to be National Pizza Month — DiGiorno is going on the road delivering mounds of pies to various cities around the country. According to a press release, three of the five cities being awarded deliveries have already been chosen — but the other two cities remain to be decided by this social media contest. To partake, all you need to do is tweet the name of your city with the #DeliverDiGiorno hashtag; the two cities with the top two mentions will be the recipients of the oven-ready pizza.

"This idea actually came from our fans on social media. They're always sending us the many ironic ways we already deliver pizza like Instacart, Shipt or our retail delivery trucks," said DiGiorno brand manager Megan Smargiasso. "So we thought, why not temporarily break our 'no delivery' rule and reward our loyal fans to celebrate National Pizza Month?"

"DIGIORNO will make a limited number of deliveries to one city each week of the month," the company's statement reads. "Some lucky pizza fans in those areas can kick back and start working up an appetite — free delivery might arrive at their doorstep with DIGIORNO pizza ready to bake in their own ovens."

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