Disney CEO Says It's Still Unclear When Disney World and Disneyland Will Reopen in U.S.

Shanghai Disneyland is officially back open for business, making it the first of Disney's theme parks to repoen its gates amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The park closed back in January and reopened Monday morning to a limited capacity. Even with extra guidelines facing all who head to the park, Shanghai Disneyland is sold out for the next week. Provided that there isn't a major spike in cases stemming from the opening of the park, this soft opening will likely be used as a blueprint to get the other major Disney parks back up and running.

Unfortunately for those in the United States hoping to be back in Disneyland or Disney World sometime soon, there still isn't a timetable for their return. Disney CEO Bob Chapek joined CNBC's Squawk Alley for his first television interview since taking his new position. Chapek spoke about the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland, and how the company is aiming to get everything else back up and running in the future.

"We want to open up as soon as we can across the world, but we are going to do so in a responsible way," Chapek said. "We want to get our cast back to work as soon as possible. I think it is a good sign that Disney Springs is going to open up in Orlando [May 20]."

The Disney Springs shopping area will be open once again next week, with the same restrictions in place that are facing most other businesses.

In terms of what is considered a success when it comes to the Shanghai reopening, Chapek said that a lot of that will rely on the guests themselves. If people aren't happy with the experiences that these new guidelines create, it could be a big hurdle to overcome going forward. For example, both guests and cast members at the park are required to wear masks.


"So that will be something that will be a little trying for some of the guests, particularly in the hot, humid summers that we tend to have," Chapek added.

At this time, there's really no way to tell exactly when Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be able to reopen. It could be still months from now. Only time will tell.

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