Disney World's Musical Encanto Show Brings La Familia Madrigal to EPCOT

Dance and sing along to the música of Encanto at Disney World's new ¡Celebración Encanto!

We don't talk about Bruno — but there's a lot to say about Disney World's new Encanto show. As part of the ever-evolving EPCOT theme park's multi-year transformation, the Orlando-based destination debuted ¡Celebración Encanto!, a lively musical sing-along with Mirabel and Bruno of the fantastical and magical Family Madrigal. There's simply a lot you've got to know. 

The live daytime show invites guests of all ages to dance and sing along to fan-favorite songs from Disney Animation's Encanto, including the Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned chart-topper "We Don't Talk About Bruno," "What Else Can I Do?," "Surface Pressure," "The Family Madrigal," and "Colombia, Mi Encanto." A group of colorfully-clad primos (cousins) perform at ground level as they whisk willing participants into a vibrant fiesta with a variety of dances taught step-by-step and, in-between bouts of movie-based "EncanTrivia," there's a muscle-flexing strength pose "competition," a conga line, limbo, and more.

(Photo: Bennett Stoops / Walt Disney World Resort)

"When guests come to watch ¡Celebración Encanto! right here in World Celebration, they can expect to be immersed in all of the beautiful music of Encanto," said show director Juan Canto, Disney Live Entertainment. "We're singing the songs, we want you to sing along with us. There's going to be some audience participation for our kids — and our kids at heart — to join in on all of the fun."

In bringing the magic of the Casita and the Colombia-infused stylings of Encanto to EPCOT, Disney Live Entertainment "wanted to make sure we were paying homage to not just the film, but the culture of Colombia and all of Latin culture in an authentic way where our Hispanic guests feel seen and heard," Canto said. "All of the people who love the film, and all of these wonderful songs, can participate and join in in celebrating this beautiful culture."

¡Celebración Encanto! runs multiple times a day through September 6th at the all-new CommuniCore Plaza Stage in EPCOT's World Celebration neighborhood, which "focuses on experiences that bring communities together," according to Disney. Like the animated movie, Canto hopes the Encanto-themed show inspires "the feeling of familia" in guests who gather at the open-air venue.

"I spoke to our cast and I said, 'I really want you to bring the audience in and make them feel like they're at your abuela's house. She just cooked a beautiful meal and they're all sitting at the table having a great time and singing songs together,'" Canto said. "I have memories like that with my family, so that's the feeling I want them to walk away with." 

CommuniCore Plaza Stage is located near CommuniCore Hall and the just-opened Festival Favorites, a quick-service food and beverage eatery with an ever-changing menu featuring favorite food items from various EPCOT festivals. For a limited time, treats inspired by Encanto and ¡Celebración Encanto! include the new Cheese-stuffed Arepa with cilantro-lime crema and cotija cheese and the Coconut Tres Leches vanilla cake. (After dancing alongside Mirabel and her tio Bruno in ¡Celebración Encanto!, guests can meet Mirabel in the courtyard outside of Casa Madrigal at Magic Kingdom's Fairytale Garden.)

Encanto is the latest Walt Disney Animation Studios movie to get the theme park treatment at Walt Disney World. While ¡Celebración Encanto! is a limited-time show (it runs until Sept. 6th), permanent additions to the Florida resort include the interactive walk-through attraction Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, located in nearby World Nature at EPCOT, and the new Princess and the Frog-themed Tiana's Bayou Adventure ride (opening June 28th at Magic Kingdom park).