Disney World Files Police Report Over Parts of Rides Being Stolen

The love for Disney Parks stretches far beyond the parameters of the law, apparently. The market for Disney memorabilia has always been a lucrative one, but some folks are taking things even further than simply collecting. Earlier this month, some pieces from the rides in Walt Disney World have disappeared, potentially stolen from their usual spots in storage. The missing parts were ultimately filed in a police report with the Orange County Sheriff's Office on October 2nd.

According to the report (via the Orlando Sentinel), a Disney employee noticed that a set of sails from the Peter Pan's Flight ride were missing from the storage shed behind Epcot's Test Track. The employee was doing inventory counts when he realized that the numbers were off and the sails were missing.

That count caused a closer examination of the stock throughout the day, resulting in the realization that a "shell" and three seats from Space Mountain were also missing. Disney declined to offer any additional information beyond the police report.

All in all, the missing ride pieces are valued at around $20,000. That's just a drop in the bucket for Walt Disney World, but it's still a substantial amount of ride equipment that will need replacing. If someone is aiming to resell this equipment they will likely have a heavy asking price. The sheriff's report noted that "none of the items have unique markings or serial items."


There's no telling how these items went missing at this time. The equipment was padlocked in a storage area which was surrounded by a fence. It would be hard for someone to get in and out with the pieces unnoticed. Then again, there's always a chance that it was an employee who decided to take the parts. Earlier this year, and ex-park employee and their cousin were accused of stealing items from the Haunted Mansion ride in Magic Kingdom.

Disney declined to comment on the issue.