Disneyland Hits Max Capacity and Stops Selling Tickets

The holidays are always a busy time for Disney Parks, especially when it comes to Disneyland in Anaheim after the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. But hopeful attendants who are trying to get into the park for a post-Chirstmas adventure will be sorely disappointed, as it appears that Disney has closed off new admissions. This comes from both Disneyland officials as well as park goers who want in on the action, but might be turned away at the gates depending on their access.

According to a new report from FOX 11, Disneyland has begun denying new entries to the park as of 11:40 am Pacific Time. The report indicates that Disneyland Annual Pass holders are still able to enter, but other people who purchased single or multi-day passes are being denied at the gates.

The Disneyland Today account has even gone so far to encourage people to check out Disney' California Adventureinstead of promoting the new attractions across the campus at Disneyland.


Hopefully Disneyland's attendance lightens up a bit and those who are eager to get into areas like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will have an opportunity to make the most of the situation before both parks close.