Game of Thrones Fan Builds Life-Size Dragon Sculpture

A Canadian man is building a life-size dragon sculpture inspired by Drogon from HBO's Game of Thrones. Metal sculpting artist Kevin Stone of Chilliwack, British Columbia is building the dragon which stands 17 meters (approximately 56 feet) high and weighs 5450 kilograms (more than 12,000 pounds), is covered in metallic scales, and even breathes fire. Stone, along with his wife, have been working on the creation for 13 months with just the massive wings and a safety test of the fire-breathing system left to complete. Stone told CBC that the project, has turned out better than he imagined.

"It's obviously extremely challenging," Stone said. "And it's turned out really better than I could imagine."

The dragon is a piece that Stone is making for a customer, businessman Matthew Focht who came to Stone after seeing another piece the artist had made, an eagle sculpture created for Dolly Parton that is installed at her Dollywood amusement park in Tennessee. Focht wanted a dragon and that led him to Drogon. In Game of Thrones, Drogon is the last of Daenerys' three dragons and is last seen destroying the Iron Throne before carrying her body away across the Narrow Sea in the series finale.

"And I was like, oh my gosh, I've heard about Game of Thrones, but I've never seen dragons this detailed," Focht said. "I wanted something that provided a wow factor. I wanted something very artistic." 

Focht told the outlet that he's deciding where the piece will go and is considering his home or donating the piece to a community temporarily. His new home in Puerto Rico, where he is relocating his business, has not yet been built. For Stone, his giant dragon has led to additional sculpture work, with Stone saying that his opportunities have "snowballed" with "tons of projects coming in". Among those projects are a giant steel Tyrannosaurus rex for a Canadian client and rather unique sculpture commissioned by a bitcoin company in California that will feature the head of Elon Musk on the body of a goat riding a rocket.

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