Gibson To Give Away Bill's Guitar From Bill and Ted Face the Music

Gibson, whose guitars permeate the forthcoming rock and roll comedy Bill and Ted Face the Music, is hosting a contest where they will give away a Gibson SG Special -- the same guitar wielded by Bill S. Preston, Esquire (Alex Winter) in the new film. The Gibson brands -- which also include Epiphone and Kramer guitars -- have been present in the Bill and Ted franchise since the first film, 1989's Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which ended with the duo being gifted futiristic Steinberger guitars at the end of the film by Rufus (George Carlin), when he arrived to bring their soon-to-be-wives back to them as well.

In the new film, Ted "Theodore" Logan's (Keanu Reeves) hero guitar is a Gibson Flying V, while Winter's Bill wields the SG Special. You can enter the drawing to win an SG here.

"Gibson Brands have been a huge part of the Wyld Stallyns story from the very beginning," Jonathan Leahy, Music Supervisor for Bill & Ted Face the Music, said in a statement. "When Rufus presents Bill & Ted with Steinbergers at the end of Excellent Adventure, that's just an iconic movie moment, especially for all the guitar players in the audience. The customized Gibson SG and Flying V that Alex and Keanu play at the end of Bogus Journey were a perfect match for the second film. In Bill & Ted Face the Music, we wanted to deliver for the fans and get the gear details right. Gibson came through for us in a big way; you can’t make a third Bill & Ted film without Gibson.”

The new film features over thirty Gibson guitars, many in a scene set in the future, where Bill and Ted stop to hatch a plan to write the most important song in history.

In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Reeves and Winter originated their iconic roles as a pair of slackers who discover that in the future, world peace is achieved as a result of the music of Wyld Stallyns, a rock band they founded in their garage.

In the first film, a time-traveler named Rufus (George Carlin) allowed the pair to use a time machine that gave them a leg up on passing an important high school history presentation. The second film saw them killed and sent to Hell, where they had to defeat the Grim Reaper (William Sadler) in order to be revived.

In the third film, Bill & Ted Face the Music, the now-middle-aged Bill and Ted have not yet written the song that kickstarts their world-altering careers, and the future is getting anxious. As reality starts to unravel, there is a literal ticking clock on Bill and Ted to fulfill their destiny. The pair elect to time-travel to the future -- or more accurately various alternate futures -- to steal the song from their future selves and set the timestream on the right path. Hal Landon, Jr. returns as Ted's father, Amy Stoch as his stepmother (who was Bill's stepmother in the first film), and The Flash veteran William Sadler reprises his role as Death, the Grim Reaper who is really bad at basically every game he tries to play -- but pretty killer on bass.


Solomon and Matheson wrote Bill & Ted Face the Music, which was directed by Galaxy Quest's Dean Parisot.

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