Paranormal Reserve Vodka Is Made in the Most Haunted Locations in the United States

Halloween season is here, and people are looking for the right kind of treats to go with all the tricks. One thing that will be a big novelty for a lot of Halloween partygoers is a new line of vodka from Harridan, which is being put out in limited release. Harridan's "Paranormal Reserve" line was made by storing the vodka in three of the most iconic haunted locations in America - including the house where the events of The Conjuring allegedly took place. So if you're looking for something to really make your Halloween party stand out this year... you better get your claws on this! 

"For our first Halloween since launching Harridan, we wanted to create something first of its kind for our fellow paranormal and occult enthusiasts," says Harridan founder and CEO Bridgette Taylor in a press release. "As a brand inspired by the witches—and those mistaken for them—of the past, it felt natural to create the ultimate spirit for the holiday that celebrates them." (For context, the Harridan brand is named for a "bossy, belligerent old woman" and seeks to appeal to drinkers' "growing, societal interest in spirituality, mysticism, and self-determination.")

Bottles of Harridan's "Paranormal Reserve" line will be available for purchase in select New York City liquor stores starting on October 13th; orders will also be shipped out across the nation to any interested consumers in other states. Bottles of Paranormal Reserve vodka are selling for $140, and includes a fancy wood box, a certificate of authenticity, and cloth gloves for handling the bottle; the entire run will be limited to just 60 bottles.


Of those 60 bottles, only 36 were placed in The Conjuring house, in several of the iconic locations seen in the film. Another 12 bottles were placed in the Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa, in an attic where two killers allegedly hid before brutally murdering a family of eight (the Moore family) with axes. The final 12 bottles were placed in West Virginia's infamously "haunted" Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, in the room where lobotomies were performed on the violent inmates housed there (and maybe a few others...).

Obviously from the information in this rundown, Harridan's Paranormal Reserve vodka line will be a true collector's item for either Halloween/horror die-hards and/or alcohol collectors. It also seems like the start of an actual horror movie - one where you scream at the characters on the screen for doing something foolish. 

You can purchase Harridan's Paranormal Reserve vodka starting on October 13th.