Twinkies Cereal Coming in December

hostess twinkies cereal
(Photo: Hostess)

Earlier this year -- back in July to be exact -- rumors surfaced that Hostess would be rolling out their third cereal of the year to feature a breakfast take on one of their treats with a Twinkies cereal. The rumors came hot on the heels of the Honey Buns and Donettes cereals and had fans hungry to find out more. Now, those rumors have given way to reality and the much-anticipated Twinkies cereal is set to hit store shelves next month.

As reported by the folks over at Chewboom. Post and Hostess are teaming up for the new Post Hostess Twinkies Cereal making its debut in December. According to their report, the Twinkies Cereal is set to replicate the flavor of the iconic snack cake.

“In developing a cereal version of the iconic Twinkies, our top priority was focused on delivering the great Twinkies flavor in each bite,” Josh Jans, Brand Manager of Cereal Partnerships at Post Consumer Brands said in a statement. “Knowing that taste remains the No. 1 purchase driver of cereal, we conducted multiple consumer tests, and the new Twinkies Cereal delivered. We think fans will find that it not only tastes great with milk but also outside the bowl.”

It's important to note that while the Twinkies cereal will have a taste in keeping with the snack cake, the cereal itself will not have a cream filling. Post and Hostess have not actually revealed what the texture of the cereal will be, though it's likely that it will be a crispy take on the Twinkie given that it's a breakfast cereal.

One of the oldest snack cakes still produced, Twinkies were first made in 1930 by James Dewar and serve as the foundation for Hostess' offerings today. Despite a bankruptcy scare in the early 2010s, Twinkies -- and the rest of the Hostess line, for that matter -- are alive and well and still being mass produced today.


It's not yet clear what the new Twinkies Cereal will retail for, though it's believed that Walmart will be the first to offer the tasty treat when it officially debuts in late December.

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